8th Grade - Engineering Design

  • What is Technology and Engineering?

    This course will provide a broad overview of technology. It will allow for various real-world hands-on experiences and applications with tools, materials and processes to help students become technologically literate.  Emphasis is placed on problem solving, innovation and design, modeling, testing and evaluating technology. Classroom activities will be designed to integrate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

    What are we going to be doing? (Subject to change)

           We are going to begin the year on a journey, a journey that will take us on an in-depth tour of the world of engineering.   The students will be introduced to engineering and technology with a close-up look into the life of an engineer.  What does it mean to be an engineer and what kinds of engineers are out there? 

          After the students have a strong understanding of what engineers do, we will then look at how they do what they do.  We will begin to study the engineering design process in great detail.

          The students will be introduced into CAD (computer aided drafting) design where they will learn various design techniques and skills.  The students will be exposed to 3d design and modeling as well.  We will utilize a variety of software program including AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. 

           We will do a quick review with safety and rules of the machines introducing us into the world of construction.  We will look at construction techniques and processes while completing a bridge building project from the designing phase through the building phase entirely to the testing phase.  The students will see the whole process through.