• First 9 weeks!

    A week of Science discovery and problem solving will kick off our first week of 4th grade. We'll learn the Scientific Method in a fun way with bubble gum, problem solve by opening our first BREAK OUT box of the year, use the microscope to solve a crime, and save FRED! 

    Then we'll dive into our study of PA with the state flag and symbols, ending with creating their own flag. We'll learn about famous men and women of PA and do a report using some awesome technology.

    We'll continue in science with animals, creating our own unique creature. We then have to learn abou this creature's adaptations, habitiat and ecosystem in order to design an enclosure for the Pittsburgh Zoo! 

    The 9 weeks will end with a study of how we can protect and conserve our environment.

    Our students will be engaged as we learn some great CONTENT!