Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

  • 2017 Grove City High School Boys Soccer

    Team Rules

    These rules are in addition to those in the Athletic Handbook. The last page must be signed and returned to the coaches before the player can compete.

    Practice: All players are required to practice on designated days and times.  Unexcused player absence from practice during the season will result in no playtime during the next game (FRIDAY BAND EXCEPTION).  On practices before a game, only players that participate in full practice will be eligible to start.  If you are at practice, but cannot participate, you will not play in next game.  

    Player Uniform: A player must have appropriate equipment/uniform during practice and game.  Practice: shin guards, socks, spikes, running shoes (no guards, no practice).  Game: Players must wear Grove City Soccer gear during games and during warm-ups.  All jerseys must be on during warm-ups. No uniforms (present/past are allowed to be worn by other student body.

    Practice/game times: Players must be ready to start practice/games at designated time. Consequences will be decided by coaches. If player will be late for practice, let one of the coaches know ahead of time, otherwise it will be considered unexcused.

    Games: All players are required to be at both JV and varsity games.  Any unexcused absence will result in no playing time for next game. 

    Playing Time:  An individuals playing time (JV and Varsity) is determined by work rate, fitness level, attitude, technical and tactical ability, and overall coachable attitude.  In the event a player is upset with his playing time or team status, he should meet with the coaches to discuss concerns.  There will be NO discussing playing time with parents.

    Busing and Transportation: All players are required to ride the bus to/from all team events. If there is a conflict, please contact Coach Nichols ahead of game.

    Team Equipment:  All players are responsible for both team and individual equipment.  Any lost or damaged equipment at the end of the year can result in a consequence determined by the school district.  All 9th graders will be responsible for equipment for practices and games (balls, cones, equipment bag, water, ice, bottles, med kit)

    Captains: Team captains will be determined at the end of preseason.  The team picks the captains. 

    Schoolwork and Eligibility:  All players should remember that any extracurricular school activity is a privilege not a right.  All players are responsible for maintaining good academic standing and eligibility (see Athletic Handbook). Any player who becomes ineligible must inform the coaches and their parents.  Players will not be able to practice or play until grades are improved.  You are a student first and an athlete second.

    Drugs and Alcohol:  Any player caught doing or with drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave the team immediately. This includes tobacco products.

    Team Respect:  All players will conduct themselves in a respectful manner throughout the season. This means on and off the field. Players will show respect to coaches, referees, other teams, and parents, teachers, and community.  Vulgar language will not be tolerated at any time.  Players will receive conditioning punishments, loss of playing time, or game suspensions.

    Cell phones:  There will be no use of cell phones once practice starts.  No cell phone use on the bench or field during a game.

    Contact information:  All players are responsible for contacting Coach Nichols personally if unable to attend a team practice or game.

    Pick up:  Please pick up your player on time at the end of practice and and games. In addition please be present to meet the bus after away games.