"We can lose ourselves in a book, but we may find ourselves there too!"



Degrees and Certifications:

"We can lose ourselves in a book, but we may find ourselves there too!"

DUE DATES for MP GOALS (Each date below denotes the last day of the marking period that students may take a quiz to earn points toward that marking period's goal. These dates could change due to cancellations or delays. Students will be informed of changes and new dates will be posted to Google Classroom.)

MP1 - Tues. Oct. 29th

MP2 - Thurs. Jan. 16th

MP3 - Tues. March 24th

MP4 - Tues. May 26th (Subject to change based on when grades are to be posted for report card printing.)


AR Point Goals

Each marking period students will be assigned indiviualized AR point goals to meet by the end of the marking period. These points are earned by reading and taking AR quizzes. Grades for independent reading are assigned by a 20-30pt grade (equivalent to about 10% of the final MP grade) at the end of each marking period based on the percentage of the goal the student earns.


Other Independent Reading Assessments

Students' progress will also be assessed using written responses (RRR - Read, Review, Respond) and other projects throughout each marking period.  Throughout the year students will be assigned novels to read in class, in both reading and English, these novles also can be used to count toward a student's independent reading goals.


Taking an AR Quiz

Students are only allowed to take an AR quiz while they are in Mr. Lettie's room.  Quizzes are not accesible outside of school, and students should not take a quiz with other teachers, in other rooms, during other classes. Mr. Lettie will periodically provide time in class to take a quiz; students have the opportunity to take quizzes while visiting the library, during class, every other week; and students may ask for a pass to come to Mr. Lettie's room to take a quiz during other independent work times (home room, etc.).


Tracking Your Progress

Students can track their goal progress here at school using the reading log that they are to keep in their reading folders, or by signing on to Renaissance Learning while at school and clicking "progess".  Students and parents can also check AR goals, scores and quizzes from home by visiting AR Home Connect at the Grove City Middle School specific URL you will find below.


Log in just like you would at school! (UserName = lastnamefirstname, Password = studentID#)