Student Resources

  • Student Assistance Program

    The Pennsylvania Network for student assistance services assists school personnel in identifying issues such as alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health issues that pose a barrier to a student’s success. Please click link for more information For more information on Grove City Area High School's Student Assistance Program, please click here.

    Dress Code

     Attention Students: Please review the dress code for the appropriate attire. The dress code can be found on page 19 of your Student Handbook. While dressing in the morning, please keep in mind that clothing with holes or that are frayed are prohibited. This includes jeans, pants, shorts and tops. Thank you for your cooperation.

    How to Calculate GPA

     Click here to calculate your GPA.

    Behind the Wheel Driver's Training

    Behind the Wheel ** Driver's Training is current enrolled Grove City Area High School students with a valid driving permit that have completed the 30 classroom hours. The program is six (6) one hour instructional sessions. Students can sign up for a driver's training throughout the calendar year. Student drivers must have their permit and a $50.00 instructional fee with them when they sign-up with Mrs. Moore in the high school main office. students will take driver's license test at any local DMV (Driver's License Center).

    ** Must have completed and passed the Driver's Ed Classroom prior to signing up **

    Student Parking

    Student Parking Driving a car to school and parking in approved parking areas is a privilege. Students must use caution in the parking lot when driving. The fines for speeding in a school zone can be excessive. Students must park in the designated areas only and lock their car during the school day. All students will park in the north lot facing Rt. 58 or use the lower parking lot in front of Highland Elementary. These are the only two places you can park. There will be no students allowed to park in front of the school at any time during school hours.

    The school is not responsible for the safety and protection of vehicles parked on school property. Any violation of these regulations will result in notification of police, parent contact, loss of driving privileges, and a suspension. Students are required to register all vehicles driven to school, fill out the Parking Registration Form and display any identification permits required. Any student vehicle parked in an undesignated area will be ticketed at the owner's expense. Vehicles without a parking sticker are also considered illegal and may be towed at owner's expense. Students are not to loiter in the parking lot but report directly to the building. Once a student is on school property, they are expected to attend classes. Leaving school property without permission will result in one day of ALC.  

    Student Work Permits 

    Work PermitStudent work permits can be obtained in the main office, please bring documentation with proof of age - birth certificate, passport, driver's license, driver's permit or baptismal certificate. Signature from both parent and student are required to receive your work permit. Work permits are issued to a minor between 14 and 18 years of age under the Child Labor Act of 2012. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Moore in the High School main office at 724-458-5456.