• Students and parents can use our Google Classroom page for HW Calendars, resources, ask questions, find presentations/notes and assingments from class and MORE!!!

    Google Classroom Icon


    1. Go to Google.com (from any device, anywhere) and log in using your or your child's school Google accounts.

         Email = lastnamefirstname@gcasdk12.org

         Password = GCASD.studentID# (passwords are case sensitive)

    2. Click the Google Classroom icon from the Apps drop down menu (the 9 little boxes in the top right corner).

    3. Choose your child's reading class period. 

    Once signed in, you and your child can find many resources that they can access and use from anywhere.  You can also join our Google Classroom to recieve notifications when I share something with the class!!

    * "STREAM"  -  When you select this tab at the top you will see all updates about posts in chronological order (a lot like your "feed" on your social media pages). This is where I will post our "class calendar" which includes what we are doing in class, any assignments, tests/quizzes and due dates.  Your child can also post questions here about assignments or things we do in class.

    * "CLASSWORK"  -  If you select this tab at the top, you will find assignments and other documents that are organized by unit. These may be assignments students are required to complete and turn-in using Google Classroom, or they could simply be extra copies or matierals they can reference from class.

    * "UPCOMING"  -  This can be found in the top left hand corner of the "STREAM" page. This will only display assignments that students are required to submit via Google Classroom.

    Google Classroom