Statement of Philosophy

  • Grove City Area Senior High School

    Grove City Area Senior High School is a comprehensive public secondary school serving people in and around the community of Grove City.  The student population is diverse in social, cultural and economic backrounds as well in its expectations of the school program.  To address these varying expectations Grove City Area High School offers a variety of quality educational programs to equip students for further education (including lifelong education) and for participation in society as responsible citizens.
    Our educational programs are based upon the beliefs that:
    All students have equal status regardless of race, age, color, national origin, sex, religion or non-relevent handicaps.
    Students have varying interests and degrees of abilities that must be considered when developing the educational program.
    Students and their families should have the responsibility and opportuniy to select the program most approproate to the needs and interest of the individual student.
    Flexibility is needed to allow for alteration of the programs if necessary and in the best interest of the student.
    Students' personal and interpersonal needs must be addressed as well as their academic needs.
    Students are to be encouraged to develop as whole persons by participating in co-curricular as well as curricular activities.
    In order to successfully offer our program, it is necessary to provide an orderly atmosphere in which learning can take place.  Within this atmosphere students, parents, teachers, and administrators must cooperate on an ongoing basis in the process of reviewing and updating the school's programs and policies.