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    Title I Program

    The Title 1 Program at Hillview provides services aimed at helping students improve their skills in Math and/or Reading. Students qualify for these services if they test below grade level in one or more areas, based on FastBridge, PSSA and/or Kamico assessments. The RTII team meets regularly to discuss student progress and needs. Students can enter and exit throughout the year based on their growth. Progress monitoring is done regularly and results are sent home in report cards, so that families can stay informed.

    What do the services look like?

    Mrs. Verba, Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Boyd and the Title I Aides work with identified students in small groups both in the Title 1 classroom and their regular reading classrooms to help students improve their skills in reading or math. In reading we focus mainly on fluency, decoding, and comprehension. In math we focus mainly on computation and Common Core skills. A variety of techniques and materials are used to practice these skills. We also used research-based computer programs based on student need to build their knowledge.

    Family Nights

    Three Family Nights are held each school year. The first one is an Introduction and Information Night. A Reading Games Night is held in November. A Math Game Night is held in March. Title I families are encouraged to attend these informative and enjoyable evenings. Watch for these announcements!!

    Resource Center

    Title I classroom houses a parent resource center. This center contains books and activites that can be checked out to practice skills at home. You can contact Mrs. Verba, Mrs. Lange or Mrs. Boyd if you are interested in checking any of these materials.

    When will my child receive these services during the day?

    Students receive Title I services during Intervention time. Intervention is a specified 30 minute block when all students, students in their classroom and Title I students, work on their specific area of need. Title I students do not miss classroom instruction when they work with Mrs. Verba, Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Boyd or the Title I Aides.

    Contact Info

    Parent’s questions and comments are encouraged. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Your involvement in your child’s education makes all the difference.    

Title 1
Individualized instruction
  • Title I Services - Overview

    Title I is a 100% Federally funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for children. Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics. In buildings with 40% or more poverty, LEAs (Local Education Agency / school district) may use the funds to upgrade the entire curriculum of the school and are Schoolwide Programs. In buildings with less than 40% poverty, programs are designed to help specific children and are targeted assisted programs. LEAs and schools are subject to consequences of school choice and supplemental education services if they do not meet adequate yearly progress as determined by the State Education Agency (Pennsylvanida Department of Education - Division of Federal Programs).


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