Accelerated Reader

boy reading
  • Accelerated Reader (AR) is the most popular and successful reading product of all time. AR’s advanced technology helps you:

    • Make essential reading practice more effective for every student.
    • Personalize reading practice to each student’s current level.
    • Manage all reading activities including read to, read with, and read independently.
    • Assess students’ reading with four types of quizzes: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice, Literacy Skills, and Textbook Quizzes.
    • Build a lifelong love of reading and learning.

    Reading Success is as Easy as 1-2-3 with AR

    1. Student Reads a Book. Students choose books at their appropriate reading levels suggested by their teacher and read them at their own pace. Visit AR BookFinder to search for available titles.
    2. Student Takes a Quiz. Accelerated Reader Enterprise offers more than 140,000 quizzes to help you motivate and monitor students’ reading performance and vocabulary growth. Students will need to earn a score of 85% or better. This is a realistic goal if students are reading books at their “just right” level.
    3. You Get Information. You get immediate feedback on the reading and vocabulary progress of each student.

    Hillview’s approach to AR

    1. Grade level requirements have been established. There is a yearly point goal that is broken down by 9-week requirements. Students who meet their yearly goals early will be celebrated.

    Grade Level

    Goal per 9-week marking period:

    Goal for the school year:


    4 points (1st & 2nd)

    5 points (3rd & 4th)

    18 points


    6 points

    24 points


    6 points

    24 points


    9 points

    36 points


    1. Students can take the AR quizzes in the library before school, during their class’ scheduled library time, or during open library time as scheduled by the librarian.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    2. It is our goal to instill a love of reading; this is why we feel that AR will be so successful. The students are able to choose books of interest at their reading level. Please ask your child on a regular basis what they are reading and have them share with you what the book is about. This will help tremendously with motivation. Thank you in advance for your help with this important aspect on Hillview’s reading program.