Grove City Area School District

  • District Information

    Nestled in western Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Erie, and easily accessible from route 80 and route 79, Grove City Area School District encompasses the borough of Grove City and the surrounding townships of Liberty, Pine, Springfield, and Wolf Creek. The District covers 86.8 square miles, and serves a local population of approximately 17,700.


    District Enrollment and Distribution

    The District operates four schools, and offers opportunities for Career and Technical Education through Mercer County Career Center.

  • Employees and Synopsis of Educational Vision

    The District employs dedicated professional and support staff, all working to provide students with the best possible future-focused education. The District endeavors to provide every child, without exception, opportunities to learn anywhere, at any time, from the best experts in the world (boundaryless environment). Students are fully engaged around their natural interests and encouraged to learn in the styles that best meet their needs (customized and individualized). Finally, the District is committed to educating the whole child, preparing them for life roles beyond school (holistic development).





    Grove City Area School District Mission


District Office
downtown gc
downtown gc
  • Alma Mater

     Hail to Grove City Glorious Alma Mater             Here ‘neath the Gold and White                       We pledge our deep devotion,                       The Pine ever sturdy stands,                             A guiding post before us, (Grove City)             Hail to Grove City Glorious Alma Mater             Four years of life and youth,                               Spent within thy learned walls,                       The Eagle, our mascot,                                   Leads us on to victory (Grove City)               Hail to Grove City High!