Welcome to the GCASD Food & Nutrition Services Department

  • Grove City Eagles Café :     

    We have exciting news to share and would like to invite your children to dine with us this school year in the Grove City Café or pick up our meals to eat at home.   

    Check out our online menu at

    You will find new and exciting meal choices along with some of your favorites. 

    We also have a wide variety of daily alternative meals.   

    Leave Your Lunch Box at Home!  Free Breakfast & Free Lunch Meals to all students for the 21-22 School Year!

    The United States Department of Agriculture USDA has extended FREE breakfast and FREE lunch meal for all students enrolled in Grove City Area School District through June 30, 2022.   

    It is very important students take the full meal, so they are not charged with a la carte pricing. We will only receive reimbursement for the full meal.  Students are only eligible for 1 breakfast and 1 lunch per day.  Please take advantage of this exciting opportunity as it helps support the GCASD Food & Nutrition Department, saves parents time and money packing meals. 

    Please take at least 1 fruit or vegetable and must have 3 full food groups on the tray to receive a free school meal.  

    Free and Reduced Priced Meals:

    Although school meals are free to all students for the 2021-22 school year, your family may be eligible for other programs offered by the school district.  We strongly encourage you to apply, if you feel your family could qualify for free or reduced-price meals, please go to to fill out an online application.  The online School Café system is easy to use and processes the applications quickly. If you qualified for free & reduced priced meals in the previous school year, you are eligible for free or reduced priced meals for the first 30 days of the new school year.   After you have submitted your application, you will receive notification letter of your eligibility to the email address set up in the GCASD  Student Information system. 

    Printed applications can be picked up at the main office of any School. If you need assistance with the application or need a non-English application please contact Jennifer Reiser, Food Service Director at or your child’s guidance counselor.

    All free and reduced meal information is kept strictly confidential and the status of a student’s meal plan will never be made public.  If you qualify, you may also qualify for other programs/services in our community, please make sure to complete the Additional Free Benefits form and return to the Food Service Department.   

    Managing Your Student’s School Meals Account:

    All students are assigned with a GCASD student ID number. If you do not know your child's student ID number, please contact the school office.  

    This number also identifies your student in the school meals program. Your child will need use this ID number when purchasing meals or ala carte items and applying funds to their school meals account therefore eliminating the need to carry money on a daily basis. Please have your child memorize their GCASD student ID number.  Sing or hum this number to their favorite tune to help them learn it.  It is important for all students purchasing school meals to memorize their ID number and practice typing it into the pin pad in the picture shown to the right. Students that have their ID number memorized will help to speed the lunch line, so children have more time to enjoy their meals.   

    We strongly encourage parents to set up a school meals account to view your child’s purchase/payment history, identify your child’s payment status-(paid, free or reduced), receive low balance alerts to notify you to submit a payment, set up an online payment and set up purchase restrictions. You can go online to or download the app for your mobile phone for convenience. 

    How to Enroll:

    Visit and Click Register for an Account.

    • Create an account - you will need your child’s school name, grade level, birth date and district ID number.
    • Provide debit or credit card information.
    • Select the automatic pre-payment option if desired.
    • When making School Café payments, please verify that the correct school is listed for your student. If it is not the correct school, please change it. Otherwise, your money will not be applied correctly.

    School Cafe Questions:

    If you have any questions on the enrollment process, please contact the School Café customer support center Monday – Friday from 6 am to 6 pm CST at or 855-729-2328. 

    If you choose NOT to deposit payment online and are paying by check, make checks payable toGCASD Food Services and write the student's or students' name(s) and student ID# in the "memo" section of the check.

    If paying by cash, enclose a piece of paper with the student's or students' name(s) and ID # with the money in a sealed envelope. 

    We have determined the following account flags to help monitor your student’s nutrition account:                     

    Account Flag Options

    • Meals Only, No Extras Students can only purchase Meals (Breakfast and Lunch) and would not be able to purchase any ala carte entrees, snacks, or beverages.
    • Cash Only for Extras Students can only purchase extra entrees, ala carte snacks and beverages with cash only and cannot use the money on the account.
    • No Snacks Students cannot purchase bagged snacks or ice cream.
    • 1 Snack or Extra –ex. Friday Only (or whatever day/days you choose) We can also accommodate the occasional ala carte purchases by limiting the snacks to a few days per week. 

    These flags will show up on the memo screen of the register as your student goes through the line. Our cashiers are trained to diligently watch for the notifications with each child, but at times, in the efforts to serve the students quickly, an account flag may be overlooked.

    Payment Option Procedures

    Please make sure to add money to your child’s account before the start of the school year. School Café is a convenient way to keep track of your child’s school meal purchases. Reoccurring payments can be set up on your child’s account for a small 5% convenience fee and you may also view your child’s purchases on with no charge to your account.   

     In order to help speed the lunch lines to ensure all students have adequate time to eat, please make sure that payments are paid online or before/after lunch.  Payments must be made online or sent in a sealed payment envelope including the student’s first and last name and student ID pin number.  We strongly recommend sending checks instead of money.

    All negative balances are to be paid in a timely manner.

    Please refer to our updated school GCASD Board Policy Food Service regarding negative balances:

    808 and Attachment- Doc 2 for additional questions.