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  • The Grove City Area School District provides free bus service throughout the District by trained and carefully screened drivers who place your child’s safety first. All drivers participate in ongoing safety and driver improvement.

    Q. Is my child permitted to ride another bus?
    A. No, School Board Policy indicates that the bus and stop must remain the same all week. You may have a different pick-up location in the morning and a different drop point in the afternoon, if necessary.

    Q. Is my child permitted to get off the bus at another stop on the same bus?
    A. No, as per the Board Policy and the continuing safety of your child, they may not get off at another stop even if it is on the same bus.
    Q. What is the allowable walking distance to a school?
    A. Pennsylvania School Codes indicates that elementary students may walk up to 1 ½ miles and secondary students 2 miles.
    Q. What time does the bus come to my stop?
    A. Estimated times of pick-up are mailed to elementary students in the summer along with their class assignments. Secondary students may view their bus schedule which is posted prior to the start of school at their building.
    Q. How are bus routes designed?
    A. Routes are generally designed to start at the farthest point and travel toward the school. Most routes reverse their direction in the afternoons.
    Q. Why can’t a student catch the bus at another stop that comes later?
    A. Each student is assigned to one bus stop. For security/safety reasons, students are not permitted to board or exit at any stop besides the designated one.
    Q. What happens if we have a two-hour delay and my child cannot board the bus at their established stop?
    A. In circumstances such as this, we will pick your child up at another stop.
    Q. What time will my child arrive at the afternoon drop-off point?
    A. The drop-off times for afternoon bus runs usually depends on distance, traffic, weather and other related issues. In most instances, the further the location of the student’s home from the school site, the greater amount of time the student will probably spend commuting to and from school.
    Q. Why are students required to have assigned seats?
    A. All students are required to have assigned seats to assist the driver with bus discipline, recognition of students, and students overall safety while on the bus. Seating will be done by age appropriateness.
    Q. What time does my child need to be waiting at his/her morning stop?
    A. Parents should have their child ready 5 to 10 minutes before the school bus is scheduled to arrive.
    Q. Will the bus leave the stop without my child if he/she is not waiting at the bus stop location?
    A. Yes, the student must be waiting at his/her stop.
    Q. What happens if my child breaks the bus rules?
    A. Consequences for inappropriate behavior on the bus depends on the infractions. This may range from a warning, to a change in seating, to removal from the bus. Drivers will write disciplinary referrals and refer them to the appropriate grade level administrator.  
    Q. Are parents allowed to ride the bus with their child?
    A. No.
    Q. Must my child use the same method of transportation ever day? In other words, if my child rides the bus, must he/she ride every day?    
    A. No, parents may elect to vary how their children are transported to and from school.
  • GCASD Transportation Office

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