• AGLOA National Academic Games - 2017

    18 Grove City gifted students spent 4 intense days in Oglebay, West Virginia competing against almost 1000 students from across the country.  By teaming up with other students from 13 other MIU4 schools, we were able to make a great showing at the 52nd annual AGLOA National Academic Games.

    The following students attended the competition:
    11th grade:  Caden Koscinski
    9th Grade:   Susannah Jackson
    8th Grade:   Richard Blackburn, Mary Coulter, Kiana Fleeger
    7th Grade:   Autumn Burkett, Colin Gardner, Paige Gray, Jimmy Irani, Aaron Jackson
    6th Grade:   Fisher Anderson, Justy Brown, Maddie Hammel, Molly Hohmann, Abbey Nichols
    5th Grade:   Isaac Dreves, Jimmy Irani, Trent Nemec

    We are proud to announce the following team awards:
    1st place team (45 total teams) Elementary Propaganda (Gold Thinker Trophy) -   Molly Hohmann & Justy Brown
    4th place team (36 total teams) Elementary Linguishtik (Blue Thinker Trophy)  -    Molly Hohmann
    1st place team (49 total teams) Middle Propaganda (Gold Thinker Trophy) -          Aaron Jackson, Jacob Irani, Kiana Fleeger

    Top Ten Individual Medals:
    4th place individual(220 total students) Elementary Propaganda - Molly Hohmann, Abbey Nichols
    10th place individual (220 total students) Elementary Propaganda - Justy Brown
    4th place Individual (245 total students) Middle Propaganda - Aaron Jackson

    Team Medals:
    7th place team(40 total teams) Elementary Presidents - Trent Nemec and Isaac Dreves
    7th place team(49 total teams)  Middle Propaganda - Colin Gardner and Autumn Burkett
    7th place team (31 total teams) Middle Linguishtik - Colin Gardner, Aaron Jackson, Jacob Irani
    12th place team (49 total teams) Middle Propaganda - Paige Gray, Mary Coulter, Richard Blackburn

    We are so Proud of all our students. They worked hard and represented Grove City School District with pride, integrity and sportsmanship!