• GCASD Vision Statement

    Grove City Area School District strives to ensure that all high school graduates are equipped to succeed, at a minimum, in skilled workforce training and college entry programs so that they have viable pathways to support their pursuit of successful futures.

    Our graduates will be students whose mastery of the subjects they have studied runs deep.  They will have the kind of deep understanding of those subjects that will enable them to readily learn other things and to apply what they have learned creatively and effectively to a wide range of problems and challenges.  They will be able to synthesize what they have learned from many domains so that they may analyze new challenges and address them with confidence.  They will be effective communicators, in many mediums.  They will learn to be both disciplined and creative.  They will learn how to lead and how to be good team members through collaborative experiences. 

    Our students will be challenged to set high standards for themselves and be prepared to work hard to achieve them.  Their character matters a lot to us.  They must understand right from wrong and be courageous enough to do the right thing when it is not easy to do.  They will have opportunities to serve their communities so that they may experience the pleasure that can come from serving others while being a contributing member of society.  They must learn to be tolerant and inclusive as they discover the value of being kind to all.

    To be effective in anything they undertake, our students will be challenged to develop plans, set high targets for themselves, and be prepared to sacrifice for the achievement of their long-term goals.  They will be supported as they learn to monitor their behavior and change it when necessary.  They will be expected to control their emotions and thoughtfully work through setbacks with patience and persistence.

    The Grove City Area School District is committed to providing a progressive and comprehensive course of study, along with the systems, resources, relationships and learning environments that will empower every student to achieve this vision.  Additionally, our entire educational community will strive to continuously apply a growth mindset that will extend opportunities for all students to achieve these expectations, without unnecessarily limiting relevant personalized learning opportunities that may extend beyond established minimum expectations.