• GCASD Vision Statement

    Grove City Area School District strives to ensure that all high school graduates are equipped to succeed, at a minimum, in skilled workforce training and college entry programs so that they have viable pathways to support their pursuit of successful futures. 

    Our graduates will have a deep and rich understanding of the subjects they have studied and they will be supported as they develop the following critical learner agency skills:

    • demonstrate a disposition toward lifelong learning

    • solve a wide range of problems and challenges by creatively applying solutions

    • synthesize what they have learned and transfer that learning to new situations

    • analyze new adversities and address them with confidence 

    • communicate effectively

    • exhibit self-discipline 

    • lead collaboratively

    • serve the community - as both an individual and as a contributing member of a team  

    To be successful and effective, our students will be challenged to set high standards for themselves and to be prepared to work hard to achieve them.  They will learn the importance of making sacrifices for the attainment of their long-term goals.  The character of each student significantly matters to the future of our communities.  They will learn to be inclusive and they will discover the value of being kind to all.  Our students will be expected to appropriately process their emotions and behaviors all while thoughtfully working through setbacks with patience, perseverance, and an awareness of others. 

    The Grove City Area School District is committed to providing a comprehensive course of study, along with the systems, resources, relationships and learning environments that will empower every student to achieve this vision.  Additionally, our entire educational community will support and strive to continuously apply a growth mindset, promote self-advocacy for all students to achieve these expectations, and foster pathways for relevant personalized learning opportunities that may extend far beyond our established minimum expectations.