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    Listed below are a few of the school policies which the administration feels are the most important to students and staff at Grove City High School.
    Drug and Alcohol Policy
       Statement of PolicyThe school district prohibits the use, possession, sale or distribution of mood altering substances on school property, lockers, vehicles used to transport students, at designated school bus stops and at school sponsored activities.  Violation of this policy shall be cause for action to be taken.
       Definition of Relevant Terms.   Drug/Mood Altering Substance/Alcohol shall include any alcohol or malt beverage, any drug listed in Act 84 of 1972 as a controlled substance or medication for which a prescription is required under law and/or physical functions.  Examples include but are not limited to beer, wine, liquor, marijuana, hashish, chemical solvents, glue, look-alike substances and any capsule or pill not registered with the school nurse in accordance with the school district guidelines for the administration of medications to students in school.
    Actions to be taken:
       School Violations:
          -An investigation will be conducted.
          -Parents will be notified.
          -Police will be notified.
          -Student will be suspended out-of-school.
          -A board hearing will be conducted.
       School Related or Off-School Property Violations:
          -An investigation will be conducted.
          -Parents will be notified.
          -Police will be notified.
          -Student will be escorted home by legal authorities or parent.
          -Further actions will be determined by policy.
    Sexual Harassment Policy
       It is the policy of the Grove City School District to maintain a learning environment free from sexual harassment.  Any student who engages in conduct which constitutes sexual harassment as defined in this policy may be subject to discipline up to and including suspension and expulsion.  Furthermore, these procedures do not deny the right of any student to pursue other avenues of recourse, which may include filing charges under state  criminal statutes and/or federal law.
       -Definition: Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Titles VII and IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and
          the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.  The following behavior constitutes prohibited sexual harassment:
          -unwelcome sexual advances
          -request for sexual favors
          -other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, where:
             1. submission to such conduct is explicitly or implicitly required of the student
             2. such conduct has the purpose of effect of unreasonable interfering with students' school performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile,
                  or offensive learning environment
          -Procedure: Complaints involving sexual harassment are normally directed to the assistant principal; students, can, however, report incidents of harassment to the
             guidance counselors or teachers.  An investigation will be conducted, and a resolution will be sought that is satisfactory to the complaniant.
          -Determination of the appropriate discipline up to and including suspension and expulsion shall be based on the circumstances of the individual case, considering the
                -severity of misconduct
                -pervasiveness or persistence of the misconduct
                -effect on the victim(s)
                -intent of the perpetrator
    Anti-Violence Policy
    It is the policy of the Grove City Area School District to maintain an environment free from threat and/or violence.  Threatening and/or violent behavior is herby prohibited in the learning environment, at all school sponsored activities, on transportation to and from school and school sponsored events, on the way to and from school and on school property.  Any student in this district who engages in conduct which constitutes violence as defined in this policy will be subject to discipline up to expulsion and/or legal action.
    The following behavior constitutes violent behavior: assault, battery and fighting, terroristic threats and physical and verbal intimidation, the use, possession, display or transferal of weapons and vandalism.  Weapons are defined as any firearm, explosive, knife, dangerous instrument or any instrument represented as such.
          Consequences of violation of the policy:  The appropriate disciplinary, sanctions shall be determined  by the building principal. Building policies will be based on the following severity of misconduct, age level, effect on the victim or victims, persistence of the misconduct and the intent of the perpetrator. Possession of weapons will result in notification to the Grove City Borough Police, a three to ten day suspension and may result in a recommendation to the school board that the student expelled from school.
          Consequences of possession of weapons: Any student who is determined to have brought a weapon to school shall be expelled from school for a period of not less than one year, except in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations. In addition, the student shall be referred to the criminal justice or juvenile delinquency system. Under this policy educational services may be provided to the student in an alternative setting.
    Hazing Policy
    Grove City Area School District Board of Directors is committed to maintaining an educational environment for all students which is free from any type of hazing.
    "Hazing" means any action taken or situation created that causes or is reasonably likely to cause, harassment, bodily danger or physical harm, serious mental or emotional harm, extreme embarrassment or ridicule, or personal degradation or loss of dignity to any student or other person associated with the school.
    The District strictly prohibits students from engaging individually or collectively in any form of hazing or related initiation activity on school property, in conjunction with any school activity, or involving any person associated with the school, regardless of where or when it occurs. This policy applies to all school related activities regardless whether or not the behavior occurs on or off school property and before, during and after school hours. A student who participates in hazing or related initiation activity, or conspires to engage in hazing will face immediate disciplinary action, up to and including suspension, expulsion, exclusion, and loss of participation in extracurricular activities. In addition students who participate in hazing may be refered to appropriate law enforcement authorities and may face subsequent prosecution. All coaches and advisors will have a copy of the full policy regarding "Hazing".