Graduation Livestream Instructions

Instructions for Live Streaming Graduation


In order to view Graduation as a LiveStream, Subscribe to our Advanced Video channel, GCVideo, prior to 6:45 pm on 5/30/24. 


You can do that as follows:


Step 1: Use this link to get to our channel:


Step 2: Click the subscribe button.


You are now ready to view the GCHS Graduation LiveStream Thursday, 6/1/23 by doing the following AFTER 6:45 pm on 6/1/23. 


Step 1: Using your device, open YouTube.


Step 2: On the left side of the YouTube page you will see Subscriptions.  Under Subscriptions you should see GC Video. Click on it. (This step will not work if you did not subscribe as instructed above)


Step 3: Underneath GC Video, toward the center of the screen, you should see tabs that, starting on the left, say Home, Videos, Live, Community, etc...  You want to choose the one that says LIVE.


Step 4: Find the screen with Graduation and the correct date of 5/30/24. Click on it. You should now see the graduation activities live on your screen.


Hint: If, when you first get to the last step, a window with graduation and the current date does not appear, wait a minute, then refresh the page.  You may have just opened the last page before we went live, so graduation hasn't shown up yet.